Hi I’m Jeremy, a freelance designer from Portland, Oregon. I work with businesses to present their messages and stories to current and future clients. I’ve worked with large corporations as well as small start ups, and have many years experience working in house as well as at design firms. After years of working for someone else, I have decided to start working for my self to have the opportunity to work with a wider range of studios and clients. Burningsquare consists of yours truly and two of the finest cats in the Portland design community,  they are literally cats so you probably won’t interact with them if you work with me. But they like to think they are vital, and they do get paid in food, treats, and toys. They don’t get out of the house much though.


Often I work on projects of a sensitive nature, this means keeping it off the web or social media until it is made public. While I would love to show you everything I work on as I am creating it our clients come first. Please reach out to see more of my work.


We help businesses better speak to clients, have consistent messaging, and develop their visual identity.
We do this through a proven design process.

    The design process starts here with speaking to the client, and getting a brief summary of the project requirements.


    We then start by researching to be sure we have as much info as possible, and asking any questions we may have.


    After we have all the info we begin concepting. This can include writing, sketching, photography, etc.


    Once we have the ideas the real magic begins and we start working on the designs to show to the client.


    Finally we review the work with the client and refine our designs before final print ready file hand off.

    We are currently taking on new work.
    Let us help with your next project.